CasZyme is a startup
company founded in 2017,
based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

CasZyme aims to develop new discoveries, innovative applications and top-quality research in the field of CRISPR based Molecular Tools. Company seeks to create outstanding value for researchers and companies practicing gene-editing worldwide.

CasZyme activities

Exploring new Cas Proteins for various applications.
Providing research services for CRISPR applications.
Developing and characterizing new CRISPR based Molecular Tools.

CasZyme is located in the Sunrise Valley in Vilnius, where the 80% of all scientific potential in Lithuania is gathered, close to Life Science Center of Vilnius University, National Center for Physical and Technological Sciences and etc. CasZyme has facilities and laboratories equipped with new equipment for research and development and a team of well-trained employees, who are co-authors of top-level publications and patents related to CRISPR-Cas.

Founders of CasZyme

Prof. Virginius Šikšnys
Prof. Virginius Šikšnys
Chairman of CasZyme Management Board, the pioneer of CRISPR-Cas gene editing research and first to demonstrate that CRISPR-Cas9 can be used to operate precise double strand breaks in DNA, thereby enabling a new era of gene editing.
Dr. Giedrius Gasiūnas
Dr. Giedrius Gasiūnas
CasZyme CSO, PhD in Biochemistry, works in CRISPR research field for more than decade, experienced in protein expression, purification and characterization.
Dr. Monika Kavaliauskė
Dr. Monika Kavaliauskė
CasZyme CEO, PhD in Social Sciences, experienced in high tech business development, technology transfer and marketing.
Contact us

Address: Saulėtekio al. 7A, Vilnius, Lietuva
Phone: +370 (694) 00 210

UAB „CasZyme”
Company number: 304532644
VAT number: LT100011098014